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A buddy of mine runs the local team/league for bike polo here in Memphis. It's way more intense than you would think. A true urban sport without a doubt. They occasionally travel to tournaments and competitions and tend to get shirts (or loose forms of jerseys) made for the team players. He offered me a shot at one of their many team names, "Broken Bones." This was actually a fun project because I'm not typically an illustrator, but I love illustration. I spent time sketching and inking out different ideas, studying old bone illustrations. Talk about a good time. (I'm not kidding, actually.) The shirt was a hit. Just recently I decided to submit the shirt to Cotton Bureau, a website that prints designs submitted by the design community, and put all the profits toward supporting the team.

Broken Bones Memphis Bike Polo Logo Textured Broken Bones Memphis Bike Polo Team Shot

Memphis Bike Polo

gold broken bones shirt white broken bones shirt

Design submitted to Cotton Bureau, with slightly changed text.

Memphis Bike Polo Official Tweet

They were pretty excited about the comeback.

broken bones shirt on cotton bureau

Design for sale on Cotton Bureau for 14 days