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Cover Art for Album

A friend, who also happens to be a very talented musician, producer, and song writer, came to me and asked for my help with his first new album in many, many years. These kinds of jobs aren't the type I usually take on, but I made an exception in this case, being that he is literally one of my favorite people on the planet. He had a clear concept of what he wanted, and after bouncing a couple of ideas around we landed on the final design shown here. The album focuses on the different aspects, or "facets," of love in the human experience. The carving of a heart in a tree illustrated that perfectly. I actually went out, found a tree, carved this myself, and photographed it. I felt it would have the best quality and feel this way, versus trying to create this artifically. I used a script font for the type to convey the intensity and intimate sense of the project. I modified some of the letters to improve legibility and suit our tastes for the look.

You can see the album art, and also purchase the album on: iTunes, Amazon, and the Google Playstore.

Facetas de Amor Insert Design

CD Case insert with Credits (the heart in this background was created by another illustrator)

Facetas de Amor Back Cover Design

Song list and back cover design for the CD case (I illustrated the heart in this background)