Poster Art for International Film Festival

Art Direction Graphic Design Illustration Consulting

Detail of On Location: Memphis Film Festival 11 Poster Art

Memphis hosts a few different film festivals every year. One of the longest running ones is the On Location: Memphis International Film & Music Fest. They focus more on bringing the film community together from abroad right in Memphis. They showcase documentaries, short films, animated films, feature films, and more from all over the world. The host a special celebrity guest every year. Past guests have included Cybill Shepherd, Morgan Freeman, Isaac Hayes, Vivica Fox, Tom Berenger, and many more. There's a tremendous amount of work that goes into organizing and hosting a 4-day film and music festival.

I joined the board around 2009-2010 and began helping with all things design and marketing, event collateral and more. I was a pretty fresh designer at the time, so it was an incredible opportunity to contribute to the arts community and really take ownership of a large project like this. I met with the board on regular basis every year as the festival approached and would consult and recommend ideas for handling design needs, communications with film makers, internal members, etc. I often covered a lot of design elements from the program, or film catalogue, brochures, sponsorship packets and materials, event signage, banners, t-shirts, managing the webite, and many other things.

A huge part of any festival is of course, the poster art. The poster art is basically the face of the festival for that year. So I felt like I had a huge honor getting to design the posters for 3 years in a row. It was fun having free creative range for something like this, where variety is key and exploring different styles all the time actually contributes to the brand. The posters were often well recieved. I even got a personal email from the director of another large regional festival in Memphis one year, expressing how impressed he was with the art.

On Location: Memphis International Film & Music Fest 11 Poster Art

Poster Art for the 11th Festival

The concept this year was a "world of film." So I took the idea of a rubber band ball, and translated that into a ball of film. I displaced an image of the globe in the cells of the film and then set the entire object in space with some chromey, space age type - cause what's cooler in movies than outer space?

On Location: Memphis International Film & Music Fest 12 Poster Art

Poster Art for the 12th Festival

Sponsor Reel I created for the Festival based on the poster art in 2012. This would loop on all the screens the entire weekend of the festival, in between screenings. (music: Black Rock Revival)

The airstream trailer is a big part On Location: Memphis' brand. It's the movie star trailer, the trailer on the set. For 2011, they wanted me to incorporate this more into the artwork. I used the silouette of a trailer - a very cinema/noir touch, with spotlights, stars, musical and film elements all bringing the piece together. I went for a much more textured approach with grainy paper on this one to give it more of that indie feel, since a lot of the festival is all about supporting indie musicians and film makers.

On Location: Memphis International Film & Music Fest 13 Poster Art

Poster Art for the 13th Festival

This last one I did in 2012 (before I stepped back from helping so much) was an attempt at a more international, swiss, design style. Going this route provided something that was bold, eye-catching, and very international. Less is more, right? The film strip coming down and a simple brush stroke are positioned in proximity to form the outline of a guitar and fret board - perfectly connecting the music side of the festival. The two elements together also form a "13" since this year was the thirteenth annual festival. Along with that, simple, bold and black type was set using some grid work to finish everything off.