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Herongate Logo Design

Herongate is a small contracting company in AR that does excellent work in custom construction projects. Being a small business, he didn't have much in the way of branding and wanted to establish a more professional image for himself. He came to me with examples of other classic construction companies and brands with styles he liked. He wanted something that looked solid, industrial, trusted, and timeless. With that input, I spent some time creating a wordmark that would help enrich the name. I used some warm orange and brown tones which tie in well with the nature of construction work. The color palate certainly needed a more actionable look as opposed to some cool tones, being that he provides skilled handiwork. Use of thick lines and some custom, chiseled type, established a solid, bold look. The custom elements of the some of the letters, such as the descending "R" add more action to everything, and help to distiguish the mark even more.

Main design of Herongate wordmark logo

Wordmark with descriptive sub-text

Optional Monogram based on the main wordmark

Color Palate

Variations in colors for the logos