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Detail of HTML5 Poster Art

"...they were proudly hanging it at Facebook's offices."

Right around the time the W3C was bringing HTML5 and CSS3 out, they decided to brand the whole endeavor. They hired an agency called Ocupop for the whole project to create a brand licensed under creative-commons to help spread the adoption of the new front-end spec. The logo was actually well-recieved and was buzzing for a good minute around the net (among designers and developers anyway). I got caught up in the buzz in and decided to create this illustration, on a whim, centered around the new HTML5 logo and brand. I actually contacted the agency that was selling shirts and stuff to promote the new logo and offered it to them to sell. Being under the creative-commons deal, they simply said, it's free, just sell it yourself. So I said, hey, why not? I threw together a quick web page with a paypal button, started sending it around and ended up selling several copies to people all over the world. I even got a message from a customer one day saying that they were proudly hanging it at Facebook's offices. Not too bad. Eventually the buzz wore off and it was business as usual. Yet, my poster was so well recieved that over time, I started finding that people were copying it without permission, which started getting a little annoying. I even found it on the cover of a large Web Design magazine in Europe. Imitation is flattery right?? There are worse things I suppose.


The ORIGINAL HTML5 Poster Illustration

Shortly after the first poster illustration was done and circulating, I decided to do a sequel. The sceond illustration would carry a similar theme, but with hot air ballons instead of helicopters. I thought it would be much more fun and create opportunity for much more color in the piece. This one also managed to sell many copies around the globe.

HTML5 Poster 2 Hot Air Balloons

HTML5 Poster #2

HTML5 Poster Web Page

The web page I put up to sell the posters. It was featured on the W3C's official website for the HTML5 Logo.