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Valent Valor North - Website Responsive Design mobile
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Valent Valor North - Website Responsive Design desktop

Valent is one of the largest providers of agriculture treatment and products in the US, as far as I can remember. Being such, they create a lot of individual landing pages and feature promotions for their products. Even more so as they continue to increase their line of products. I would help some of the developers occasionally updating the main corporate site, specific email campaigns, and so on. On one occasion I got to help design and develop a landing page for one of their seasonal products, Valor North. I worked with the content and strategy team, got the copy, and worked out a design that featured all the bullet points. The page features a large video, an interactive map of the country, resources for learning more about the problem their tackling, and easy ways to get in touch with a rep.

View the web page:

Small/Mobile Size Layout

Medium size design and layout

Interactive Map design on the page. I built this so that you could select a state and see a list of weeds in that state. The states were all SVG too.

Desktop size design and layout