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While I was working as lead design on Leafless, I came up with the idea to create a mini-site/landing page that would feature a type of calculator to compare the different rates authors get on different self-publishing websites. The idea was to show how much better authors could potentially do on Leafless, while objectively comparing all the major options. I wanted to make sure it was appealing and useful enough, but without seeming to shameless in terms of promoting ourselves. I had a lot more freedom with this to create a single design piece a little independant of the brand. It was delicate balance though, because wanted it to also complement the brand just enough to bring people back to us. I took advantage of bold solid colors, some classic yet friendly type design, and made sure everything was responsive for maximum usability, even on mobile. The biggest challenge was building all the moving parts that calculated the different rates. I had to tie together input from the users for Book Price, Copies Sold, and make sure the amounts that were reflected were accurate according to what the different ebook sites offer. It was tricky, but I managed to get it to work through some testing and multiple iterations. It turned out to be a really nice design piece that enhanced the overall brand we were building. We got some great feedback and compliments from authors on it.

Visit their website: WhereShouldYouPublish.com

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